Why Omega Juice Extractors Make The Perfect Holiday Gifts

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It is almost that time of year once again and finding the perfect Christmas present has never been easier. Everyone loves to get some new kitchen gadget and a juicer is a terrific option on many levels. The most important is that you can give your loved ones something that can greatly improve the quality of their health and help them overcome years of poor eating. Increasing your natural vitamin intake can have a profound positive impact on your body and juicing your vegetables and fruits is an easy way to accomplish this.

Another added bonus is that these small appliances are quite modern and will fit seamlessly into any type of kitchen. Make your presents count this December and show your family just how much you care for them with a brand new juicing machine.

While there are plenty of worthwhile models on the market, we are going to focus our attention on masticating juicers. These types of machines will help you get the most bang for your buck when juicing. They are excellent at squeezing out the most juice from fibrous and leafy foods like spinach, broccoli, and kale. You will get a better quality juice with less air that will keep fresh longer.

According to TurnagainTimes.com and their latest juicer ratings, this is the top brand for centrifugal juicers.. They have a long track record of manufacturing some of the top ranked and most durable juice extractors. It is easy to judge from the most recent Omega masticating juicer reviews why these are some of the best juicing appliances that you can give. Here is a quick look at some of their most recommended models.

Omega Juicer Machines At A Glance

Omega does make some decent centrifugal models, but they are best known for the quality and efficiency of their line of masticating juicers. Here are some of the top rated options.

Omega NC800

Currently rated as the top home machine, the NC800 is Omega’s latest and greatest all purpose “nutrition center” juice extractor. They have made some improvements with this model that really make it stand out. A larger feed chute is one such feature that helps garner such high praise from owners. It has a strong motor that methodically grinds and squeezes whatever type of food you choose and slowly removes the juice.

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to juice a ton of greens. It is a little slower than say a Breville juicer, but it is a lot quieter to run. Better juice quality and being extremely efficient with tough to juice veggies is where this model shines. Excellent owner ratings should make buying this model a little easier.

It can do more than just juice as well. You can make your very own peanut butter, almond butter, or any type of nut butter you wish. It comes with different nozzles that will let you expand your use of the machine to include tasks like making your own pasta and baby food. It is extremely versatile which adds to the immense value that it can deliver. It may be a little bit more expensive, but it is worth every penny.

Omega J8006

This is the predecessor to the NC800 and if you want to save a little money this this would be a good bet. It has a smaller feed chute, but it can do just about everything the NC800 can do. This is an extremely reliable juicer that has been around for a number of years. It still is one of the better masticating juicer on the market, even after all of this time. Reviews from owners are very solid and the Omega 8006 continues to be a superb choice for those wishing to save a little.

Omega VSJ843

This is an upright masticating juice extractor designed for smaller kitchens with not a lot of counter space. It has a much smaller footprint and is a real space saver. It also happens to be one of the most quiet juicing machines out there. These two features are what make it an attractive alternative for a lot of folks and are the main reasons the VSJ843 is considered one of the best juicers on the market.

Great with leafy vegetables, this machine does require a little more finesse to avoid jamming issues. If you can keep from trying to over stuff too much food into it at once and have some patience then this is an ideal performer in the kitchen.

The Perfect Gift

Yes, centrifugal juicers may be faster and a tad more convenient, but you lose something in the quality of your nutrition. For maximum impact, masticating juicers offer benefits that can really transform how you feel, your energy levels, and how you look. This is why we recommend going this route and getting an Omega juicer is the best way to ensure that you get something that has a solid reputation in the home juicing arena. Give the gift of health to those who you love the most this holiday season and you will be thanked for years to come.

The Best Toaster Oven For Those Who Love To Bake

Kitchenaid convection countertop ovenIf you love to spend time in the kitchen baking but you are tired of wasting time and energy with your full sized range then getting a toaster oven can really change things for you.  Sure you can make toast, but today’s ovens can do so much more.  As cooking technology has advanced so has the ability of countertop ovens to produce stunning results no matter what type of food you are preparing.  The Kitchenaid KCO273SS is one such example of what a modern oven can truly accomplish.  Bakers love it for its convection cooking function as this help speed up the process as well as ensuring every thing is done evenly for tasty treats.  This is one oven that ranks very highly. It is usually in the top 3 when it comes to convection oven ratings that we have come across. It aims to set itself head and shoulders above all other toaster ovens in its class.

One of the many qualities that stand out about this particular toaster oven is its range of cooking functions. There are nine functions altogether Asado Roast, frozen, bake pizza, broil, toast, cookie, keep warm, bake muffins, bagel, and reheat. However, this excludes the convection feature, which could speed up your cooking process by up to thirty percent (30%). Hot air circulates more evenly and faster so that the exterior layer of your food tastes crispier and browns better. For the cookie mode, the convection characteristic also automatically reduces the temperature by twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit to avoid overcooking.

It is important to note that when you use the convection feature that you may have adjust your recipes as this aspect can call for different times and temperature settings.  You might find some convection oven tips handy if you ever want to take advantage of this time saver in the kitchen.

Oven Features

Apart from the nine cooking functions and convection bake, other characteristics of the KitchenAid KCO273SS include:

  • Approximate Size is 18″ (Width) x 16″ (Length) x 12″ (Height)
  • One thousand eight hundred (1800) -watt
  • Removable crumb drawer
  • Temperature conversion
  • Three rack positions
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Nonstick interior
  • Defrost option
  • LCD display

This Kitchenaid digital toaster oven combines an LCD screen with control knobs. There are two knobs the top one is the cooking function selector while the bottom knob is for setting the time and temperature. The time and temperature are adjustable in one minute, and five degrees Fahrenheit increments respectively. As a matter of convenience, you can also convert the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

This model has a trademarked Even-Heat technology that is designed to achieve a consistent cooking result. It turns the heating elements on and off functions; specific heating elements are turned off for part of the cooking cycle. For instance, the bake mode, the bottom, and top heating elements are typically powered up apart from the top center element, but the broil function, all the three heating elements at the top are turned on but none of the bottom elements. In other words, there is more precision in the heating system to give finer results compared to the cheap toaster ovens.

The outside dimensions are about eighteen inches (Width) x sixteen inches (Length) x twelve inches (Height) including the handle. The interior dimensions are approximately twelve and a half inches (Width) x twelve and a half inches (Length) x seven and a half inches (Height). The height is from floor to ceiling. Maximum workable space would be about five and a half inches high, measured from the bottom rack to the top heating element. The inside can fit six slices of bread or a twelve inches pizza.


· Spacious toaster oven interiorAsado roast mode – There are very few toaster ovens that carry the roast function. Only a few top end models include this as part of their cooking modes like the Breville BOV800XL. Therefore, in case you want to purchase a toaster oven that contains a roast function, then this Kitchenaid model is a perfect alternative. In addition, it has a defrost button that takes to account thawing time for the frozen foods to give better results.

· The pre-set temperature and time – This oven has a list of pre-set temperature and time for different cooking functions. You can adjust them accordingly to suit your recipes. The oven consequently stores your settings in its memory. It will revert to your current settings the next time you use it again for quick and easy cooking.

· A good substitute for regular oven – The food comes out well as most online reviewers have attested. You can use it in place of the regular oven if you are cooking for a small family. Food does not dry out, plus the toasts are perfectly done without the need to flip them over from side to side for more even shades.

· A quiet fan – The fan does not rattle like that of some toaster ovens. The appliance appears well constructed and robust weighing about twenty pounds (20 lbs). Black & Decker CTO6335S, which is also a six-slice convection toaster oven only, weighs around fifteen pounds as a comparison.


· Price – The KCO273SS model is not cheap. It is selling for over $200 at various online retail sites. This is toaster oven is comparable to the Cuisinart and Breville models. There are also many other cheaper options including the Oster TSSTTVXLDG and DeLonghi DO2058, which goes for less than $150.

· No interior light – This model does not have interior lights thus very hard to check on the progress. Some users have used a flashlight to check inside while it is running.

Final Verdict

The complaints are few for this model from what we have gathered online. You can read more reviews of the KCO273SS and see what owners have to say about this countertop oven.  Most users gave it a four to five-star rating  So, is it worth buying? Yes, it is if you are a great fan of KitchenAid. The price of this model is on the higher side as compared to other models, but its roast and convection functions give a complete range of cooking modes for a toaster oven. The Even-Heat technology is unique, providing for more precise distribution of heat.

A Running Stroller Built With Convenience In Mind

Sometimes it is smart to find ways to burn off those extra calories that we get from our ice cream creations. Parents that would like to hit the road running with their kids will love the Graco FastAction jogging stroller. For beginners, it is easy to use as it has swift clicks and no adapter is required. As its name suggests, it is a fast action stroller, when it is time to stash the stroller in the trunk or closet, it is easily folded with its one-second folding mechanism. If you are looking for a way to get back into shape or you just want to start running again, there is no better way that to use a jogging stroller. Not only is it good for you, but your kids are sure to enjoy your regular outdoor adventures together.

Graco Stroller Features

The FastAction feature is a popular aspect of this stroller for parents. You simply needs to pull the marked strap on the stroller’s seat. The stroller will fold in one second. Above all, dads and moms can fold the stroller with one hand, this enables the other arm to be free to hold and comfort the baby. This convenience feature land this model high on most jogging stroller reviews. While it is not the highest rated running stroller on the market, it is perhaps the perfect budget stroller option available.

The basket that comes with the stroller is deep and easily accessible for quick access. The trays are designed with the parent and kids in mind. For parents, the trays include two cup holders, a large covered storage compartment and a smartphone cradle. A removable tray for children is available too, it has two cup holders and a recessed area to stash snacks.

The stroller comes with a click connect feature that has a clear audible sound to let you know if it is secure. This feature will also apply to the stay-in-care base that comes with its car seat. There is an additional MP3 player/ cell phone holder that comes with the stroller. This player has an adjustable fit that can pretty much go with any mobile device.


Active Lifestyle: The stroller is made for someone that would like to keep an active lifestyle. Its FastAction fold combines all the features that moms would like, an easy and comfortable lifestyle. The great performance and maneuverability makes it safe and easy to operate over different types of terrain.

graco exercise strollerUltimate comfort: The air-filled rubber tires allow the stroller to absorb a lot of the shock that bumpy trails may throw at you. These tires have a lockable front swivel wheel that offers parents an easy transition from jogging to strolling. You simply need to lock the front wheel for added stability when travelling at a faster pace. Unlocking the front wheel will give you great maneuverability in tight quarters. It has a highly enhanced stroller seat that keeps your child or toddler riding comfortably. Graco’s multi-position recline will further ensure that you kid finds the most comfortable position for long rides.

Easy to setup: This stroller is one of the easiest to setup. It will take you about 7 minutes to get it from its box and ready to roll. The instructions are clear with everything illustrated in its manual. The installation itself is easy and no much tools are required to assemble.

Easy in Easy out: It is easy to get your child in and out of this running stroller. The child’s tray conveniently allows entry into the way. Your little one will love the tray with storage as it can be used for small treats and games.


Despite the Graco brand being for a budget friendly option, it is still of high quality. One disadvantage may be with its overall weight. Many people have used it and complained about how heavy that it felt. Some parents found this a little cumbersome to steer, but they were still pretty pleased with how it performed on straightaways.

The tires are a little small for going off road. While they are air filled, this particular model will probably be best suited for concrete surfaces without a lot of bumps. This is important to know, especially for younger children riding in a jogging stroller.

Final Verdict

Graco’s FastAction Jogging Stroller gives other well-known brands a run for their money. There are many things to like about this stroller as it comes with a few cons. You can easily get over this cons and learn to use the stroller. Generally, the Graco brand is known for budget friendly options that are of good quality. Many parents will be drawn to this stroller and since it comes with a cheaper price tag this makes it something to consider. It folds easily and has some nice features and it is a great way to get outside and connect with your children.