The Joy Of Making Your Own Homemade Ice Cream

Buying a home ice cream machineFor anyone with a severe sweet tooth, buying premium ice cream can be a rather expensive habit. On the other hand, purchasing your own ice cream machine for your home can be quite an economical alternative to feed your desire for frozen goodies. If you have never thought about getting one of these for your kitchen, then you are in for a treat…literally. Luckily, quality ice cream making units come in a wide range of prices and features that will enable you to find a capable machine no matter what your budget may be.  With simple push button operation, this is also one of the easiest machines to operate that you will own.  Getting one of these for your home is a great way to treat yourself to something delicious whenever you get a craving.

What Are the Best Ice Cream Machines?

Cuisinart makes some of the most popular units with several models that are highly rated by users. Combing through various reviews of the top ice cream makers online and it is quite apparent that you really can’t go wrong picking up anything made by Cuisinart.  Their ice cream machines continue to be among the highest ranked small kitchen appliances on the market. Breville also has a top rated maker, but it is also quite expensive. Leilo, Hamilton Beach, Nostalgia Electrics, and White Mountain are also very good options with numerous positive feedback from customers. One of the great features of most of these machines is that they are able to make more than just ice cream, they can also make other frozen treats. Gelato, sorbet, frozen drinks, and frozen yogurt can also be produces by most of these machine which helps add to their overall value.

What To Look For In A New Machine?

Most of the more affordable ice cream makers use a bowl that must be frozen before starting the ice cream making process. Some bowls are double insulated which helps speed up the process and save time, however it may take several hours to get the bowl to the right temperature. It will also require you to make room in your freezer for the bowl to fit.

Some of the more expensive models come with their own compressor which does not require you to freeze the bowl. Because of this feature you can truly make a batch whenever you feel like for the ultimate in convenience.  This is the main reason for the higher price tag for machines that contain their own compressor.  This also adds to the overall weight of the machine and will probably make it more of a hassle to move around your kitchen, but the trade off may be worth it.

Capacity is also another important factor when deciding on which model to buy. How much ice cream do you need to make? How many mouths will you need to feed? Higher capacity units may be slightly more expensive. However, in the long run, making your own ice cream will end up saving money.

Do They Produce Good Ice Cream?

I have had experience with several model ice cream makers, and they do indeed produce some great tasting results. The consistency is usually on the soft side, but once done, you can put the ice cream your freezer for an hour or two in order to firm it up if desired. These machines are also really simple to use, with most being as easy as a push of a button. The hardest part of using these home machines is the required patience need while eagerly waiting for the job to get done.

Are They Expensive?

As mentioned earlier, home ice cream makers come in a wide range of price points. From $30 all the way up to over a thousand dollars, finding a machine to fit your budget and your needs should not be to hard.

If you have cabinets full of small appliances that you never use, you may be quite hesitant to add another one to the your collection. But for anyone with a serious ice cream addiction, getting your own machine is a worthy investment.  Your kids will absolutely love you for this and it is a great way to spend time together.  Plus, with all of the different ice cream recipes to choose from, this is something that will never get old.  Indulge a little and pick one of these up for your family, you won’t regret it.

Below is a video that gives a quick look at what one of the better ice cream machines on the market can do and shows just how simple it is to use.